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If you get anything out of reading this then our hope is that You Invest In Your Brand. Freedom to choose should come with options.

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Rank Your Website

We make sure your website is ranking for local buyer intent keywords relevant to your business.

List on Map Packs

Google often provides a map pack pertaining to local searches with 3 spots. We make sure you're in the top 3.

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Guide and convert your ideal customers that are ready to buy in your area of operation

Why SEO Is Still Important Today

Over 90% of your customers are searching for products and services online. Around 93% of internet searches start with a search engine. Over 60% of Americans research a product or service before purchasing. Less than 10% of potential customers go past the first page of Google.

What good is your website if it can not be found by your customers? Our holistic SEO process will take your website from the back side of the moon to the busiest interstate in your local area. 

Search engines are where your customers are actively looking for your services. Search Engines Optimization is the structured process we take your website through to rank on Google and guide qualified customers to your website without paying for ads. It’s the long term solution to any companies future lifeline. A reliable source of online leads from individuals actively searching online.

The Two Main Factors that Determine SEO Results & Strategy

Amount of Relevant Search Volume (Volume)

Tools like Ahrefs, SEMRush, and Keywords Everywhere Chrome extension can be used as an outline or guide to building your SEO strategy. How many people are searching buyer intent keywords? If you are a roofer in Dallas, Texas, how many people are searching “roofing Dallas tx” on search engines? Are there searches for Frisco, Plano, North Richland Hills, etc…. Which ones are the most important?

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Keyword Difficulty (KD)

These same tools will not only give you an understanding of individual keyword search volume, but also keyword difficulty. This metric is derived from how many other website are trying to rank for a specific keyword. To go even further you want to gauge the power and authority of the top three competitors websites. Everything from the age of domain, content, page speeds, backlinks, and citations. This gives you the map of what it will take to beat out the competitors. 

SEO with Results
See What Some Of Our SEO Clients Are Saying...
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Jon Robinson Roofing Company Owner

We decided to use Dicio with our website and SEO. Keaton and their team are a joy to work with, and have been bringing in leads every month. I look forward to a continued partnership.

roofing web design
Donald Storm Roofing & Restoration Company Owner

I've recently started the website and SEO process with Dicio. I went with them because they answered all my questions in a way I understood. Great communications and punctual.

Robert Garcia HVAC Company Owner

I talked to alot of other companies before talking to Keaton. He showed be a strategy that made sense and now hiring an operator for the leads. They do what they say they will do.

    How You Start SEO From Scratch

    When building for the future you have to start somewhere. No matter where you are or what industry you are in you should start with checking these boxes off first.

    Three Main Moving Parts in Any SEO

    Your website is the center piece, most efficient tool, and the platform that brings all the others together.

    When you build a website with helpful content, and position yourself with authority in your area of expertise, then your customers will be compelled to contact you when they find your website.

    Company ranking website

    The map pack on Google is a huge source of leads for any local services provider. How often do you use the Google map pack on your phone to find what you are looking for?

    Your Google My Business listing works together with your website so your customer can find you on a local level.

    Ranking on Google Maps

    Social signals are the most important signals at the beginning of an SEO strategy. Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and others are great source to teach others in your online community what you do and why you do it.

    Introduce yourself to your neighbors and show invite them to go check out your website.

    Small Business SEO

    The SEO Agency Expectations

    There are over 400 factors that go into how a website will rank on search engines. You should not go into SEO with the expectations of seeing results in the next few months. That is just bottom line unless you have been investing into SEO and are looking for the last push to the front page. This is an investment that produces the results of lowest lead acquisition cost over time.

    A Timeline for Brand New Domains & SEO in Any Competitive Market

    - First 3 to 6 Months

    The first 3-6 months of a brand new website is Google and others users figuring out your website. Robot crawlers will scrape your website for information to try and figure out what it is about.

    Working in the at the beginning

    The best things to do in the sandbox is to stir the air with social media signals on your Google My Business, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc… Along with adding local citations to your website. Local citations consisting mostly of online directories that display your company name, phone number, address, email, and website around the web. These signals help Google and others understand your website. Don’t overdo the citations or social media especially just starting out.

    After 3 Months

    After three months we start opening the throttle on the backlinks. We often keep 1-2 citations per week coming in while opening up on a wider variety of links. Now would be a good time to start looking for local blog commenting and guest post. Try searching this into Google (“location” + Blog + Commenting) and expand from there. Do not over do this. Keep it on a organic and natural incline when adding relevant links.

    6 Months of SEO

    Now after 6 months your website should be out of the sandbox. You should be able to determine the ranking position of specific keywords, and monitor their progress. If you hit the 2nd page after 6 months in a competitive market then you are on the right path. Don’t be upset at 3rd page either. Now you have a set point to build from.

    Working SEO after 6 months of SEO

    You should never stop with your social media and local citations. That should remain constant progression from the start while staying steady. Now after six months you should be out of the sandbox. You should have important keywords registering on searches and individually track their rankings. Now is the time to up the game again on backlinks, adding not only additional backlinks, but pushing for more powerful ones with deeper influence and trust values. As the authority, influence, and power of your website increases so does the availability of stronger backlinks.

    1 Year into SEO on a Brand New Website

    Reaching the first page in a competitive market is obtainable in one year time when following a structure process and optimizing accordingly. However, this is never guaranteed and the work never ends. We don’t have a secret sauce or use magic. We utilize techniques and strategies that will help the search engine customer find the answer to their problem. If you can fill that customers needs we want to make sure the search engines know that.


    Nothing in marketing is guaranteed, there is no secret sauce, or magic. There are trends that come and go and strategies that have worked for years. Nothing is more true in the SEO realm. There are so many parts that work together that having a structured process from data driven results saves the time and money in developing your website. Your company website is your brand online, it is your online influence and strength. If you hire Dicio to do your SEO you are embarking on a partnership much like a marriage. Your success is our success, and this is not a short term decision. We’ll never leave you with a divorce bill of cancelations or transfer fees if it comes to that, but we will need the time depending on market before bringing in the results.

    Local SEO Professionals

    Main Ranking SEO Factors

    1. Original Content

    Content is king when it comes to SEO. Original, captivating, and compelling content is what is needed to generate traffic organically. When you explain a concept or are more helpful than any other website then ranking and traffic will come naturally.

    2. Secure & Accessibly Domain

    Everyone wants to see a secure website. That means having you SSL securities or (https://www.) before your domain. Providing and XML sitemap to search engines and your users can go a long way into helping navigate your website. You can find ours at the bottom of the website.

    3. Page Speed & Performance

    How often do you wait over 5 seconds for a website to load? You page speed and performance matter a great deal when it comes to user experience and engagement. Thus the significant uptick it page speed being a ranking factor on search engines.

    4. Mobile Friendly Website

    It is likely that 50% or more of your website visitors will be on a mobile device. It is just so easy with most Americans having one in their pocket. Having a mobile friendly website will not only convert traffic, but help you rank faster.

    5. User Experience & Engagement

    This is a broad area that covers how easy is the website to navigate, does it engage the reader, does the website function properly? How easy is the website to use and find the information one is seeking. The faster you answer each questions correctly the better.

    6. Optimized Content

    We have mentioned that content is king, however optimized content can do both captivate and remain practical. No reason to display a 2MB file size when a 70kb is sufficient. Large unnecessary file sizes will slow any website down.

    7. Technical SEO

    We describe technical SEO as labeling your files correctly with keywords, providing alt texts, page titles, and descriptions that fit your website and provide a clear understanding of what the website is about.

    8. Social Media Signals

    Now this is tricky. You don’t want just friends and family liking and sharing your post. You want you social media to find your ideal client. The best way is to start with two post per week on Facebook and Instagram. That’s the minimum post that the algorithm will help.

    9. Backlinks & Referring Domains

    The number one thing to remember is not all links are created equal. It is not always about how many referring domains or backlinks a competitor has, but more importantly the power and trust of each.

    10. Tracking Progress

    All of this is worthless if you are not tracking the progress and constantly improving. There is no secret sauce, only data driven decisions to progress your website influence and standing. What good is the investment if you don’t know how it is paying out.

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