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Our services are data driven. If you don't succeed then we don't succeed. We work exclusively with you to spin the online sign and increase online presence.

Building Your Brand: Roofing Marketing

How many times do you hear “3x’s or 10x’s your leads”,  “don’t pay until you close”, “the secret to online marketing”?

There are many ways to help with your company’s online marketing needs. However, the biggest mistake is renting leads instead of building your brand. When you rent overpriced or over sold leads from directories and other companies you are solidifying your dependence on them, and they can then reinvest more, making it more difficult for you to compete online. Think of it like paying rent vs mortgage on a home. When you stop paying rent the leads will dry completely, when you invest on your own marketing you are building a network of leads that works for you well into the future.

The easy answer from a business perspective is to build your brand and own your Roofing Leads. Which can be overwhelming. Investing in your brand and marketing is not overly complicated. Yes you can do it yourself, but it is time consuming trust us. The job done right takes many checkboxes and processes across multiple platforms working together that give you the best results. In our experience helping roofers across the US and Canada there is never a secret sauce.

Own Your Roofing Leads

 If 2020 taught us one thing it’s that things can change fast.. People are searching online, trusting reviews, and are comfortable being advertised online. We don’t want to bore you with the numbers of internet users, individuals on social media, and how many people start a request on search engines. Let’s just say it’s a lot and still growing. If you are here I don’t think we need to tell you how many people are shopping online these days.

Every market is different and comes with its own obstacles. Larger budgets may have room to experiment with various lead generating avenues. If you don’t have the extra marketing money to experiment then this guide will put you in the right mindset and path to save you time and money.

Own Your Contractor Leads
Where are you in the Online Marketing Process?

We categorize branding with company logo, business cards, yard signs, truck wraps, and message.

We are not going to name them all, but the most important for local roofing companies would be Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

Your search engine and SEO leads are centered around your GMB (map pack) and company website.

Google is the best for guiding ready to buy customers to your website and funnels, while Facebook can compliment events (storms) and help establish authority in your industry.

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Roofer Branding

Many of you will already have this taken care of, but if not the branding needs to be first. Logo, business cards, truck decals, and yard signs are the best to start. Finding your brand identity is not our speciality, but we find through conversation it is easy to get there. Here are some questions to help you along. For more follow: Roofer logo design.

Stimulating Questions for Building Brands

How Do you Help Your Clients?

Why Do You Help Your Customers?

Are You Passionate About What You Do? Why?

What Sets You Apart From Your Competitors?

Online Roofing Ads with Results

The Difference Between Google & Facebook Advertising

When it comes to deciding about where, if at all you want to spend ad dollars online. Google and Facebook are very different when it comes to quality and ready to buy leads. People go to Google to look for answers, products, and services. Nobody is on Facebook trying to buy a new roof or start a home project. When it comes to ready to buy or “high intent” customers there is no better place to look other than Google.

Google Roofing Advertising

Whether you are looking to go fast, or slowly get your toes wet with online advertising, you can’t beat Google’s results when it comes to immediate returns and full control. When you sign up for a Google Ads account they make it easy and seamless to think you are on the best path for success. Let’s just remember Google is a publicly traded company and loves to please their shareholders along with helping their users. The manual setup of your ads campaigns is where you make your money with Google roofing leads.

Roofer PPC Strategies for Facebook

There are many different ways to grow your brand awareness and outreach through social media platforms without paying for advertising. The key thing to remember when considering any social media platform for advertising is this is not where people go to be sold. If you come off as salesy then chances are you will spend a lot of ad dollars without results. Facebook is great for retargeting purposes, re-engaging audiences, and to inform your potential customers after storms.

Save yourself some money and don’t come off salesy on social media. Instead, helping guide, inform, and build trust and authority within your community online is where we find the best results. This audience is usually in a different stage of the sales process than on Google. They might not know they need your help yet, but you should show them why they do.

Roofing Marketing on YouTube

If you have already started a YouTube channel then you are ahead of the game. YouTube and video have quickly become the go to for information and sales. People stay more engaged with video, it’s just a fact. Nobody wants to feel like they are reading a “terms of service” policy. 

Videos are a great way to connect with your audience and the best place to start is on YouTube. Showing your clients previous projects, customer testimonials, information, and guide’s through video is the most engaging route to relaying your company message. The more engaged the better it sticks. 

Show them a roof replacement from start to finish with the processes, let them know signs of a damaged roof, or the red flags from fly by night contractors.

Data Driven Roofing SEO Strategies

What is "SEO" (Search Engine Optimization)

SEO refers to the organic traffic on your website. For example if you are a roofing contractor in Dallas Texas then you want your website found when your ideal customer searches “Roofing Dallas Tx” into Google. “Roofing contractor Dallas” is another buyer intent and specific keyword that you want to capitalize on. Dallas is one of the most competitive roofing markets in the US when it comes to SEO. We would expect organic results to really start taking place in about a years time if you starting from scratch in Dallas, but maybe you live in an area with low hanging fruit. Some SEO can see results as quick as 3 months depending on the amount of relative searches and competition.

Without SEO your company website is like a billboard on the wrong side of the moon. Optimizing your website to be found on Google for the right buyer intent keywords will increase organic traffic and quality leads. Make sure your billboard is seen by ideal customers searching online for your services.

We also categorize your map listing or “Google My Business” under SEO. Your map pack goes well with complimenting your website on the first page when someone is looking for your services. Your map pack listing is huge when it comes to local marketing. So make sure you utilize this free business resource if not anything else with your Roofing Marketing.

Best Roofer Website Design Practices

Your website is your digital business card. Yes they make digital business cards now, but when over 70% of Americans research a company before purchasing you want to make the right first impression. A company website is your digital business card, first impression, and customer qualifier. You don’t just want your phone ringing. You want quality customers in your area of service.

The days of “build it and they will come” are gone when it comes to websites. With the market becoming saturated by the day there are sure things you can do to stand out from your competition. The keys to a website developed with a purpose is compelling content directed at your ideal customer, that can be found on search engines. Click roofing website design for more on building your website.

Who Do We Work With?

When we say build your brand and company that is what we mean. We work exclusively with you and your company to establish authority online within your area of expertise, expand brand awareness in your community, and turn your company owned online assets to valuable lead generating avenues.

We are passionate about the success of our clients. Our success is gauged by your success. There is no other way around it as a marketer in our view. If you fail, then we fail. There is no secret sauce, or trick. It is a process that we have been learning with other contractors across North America. We learn new lessons everyday keeping up with the changing algorithms, and market shifts. We can help you navigate the marketing sea every step of the way. We treat our business relationships as a partnership without concern for conflict of interest. We’d like to fight with you to the top of your local market.

Exclusive Roofing Leads

Roofers… this is often the most competitive market for online advertising amongst contractors. Many states you don’t need a license to “go roofing”. Who is to say a marketer can not put up a website and generate their own leads that they sell to you (it’s lucrative for marketers to sell by the lead). Owning and controlling your leads is the key to the future. Our business model is set up for the future. We are looking for quality over quantity as I’m sure you are.

We do not base quality of partners by budget, but by honesty, integrity, professionalism, and expertise. We are here to serve you in our area of expertise to the best of our ability, and if you are doing the same with your customers then let’s talk about roofing marketing.

Done for You Roofing Leads!

Look without a doubt building your brand is the best marketing investment you will pay for, but marketing can be tricky. Talk about an unregulated industry. We have heard the horror stories of paying for something and it being held hostage, or losing mountains of customer information after a disagreement. Well if you temp us we will put our money where our mouth is. If you insist we will build an exclusive online lead generation source for your area and show you the type of leads it can bring. Just know you will not own, but pay rent.

This option is for two things. Either there is no room for your marketing budget, but you want to change that. Or you don’t trust marketers from previous experience. Trust us we get it. It can be a big investment. This is our way of getting rid of those two rebuttals. We’ll put our skin in the game to either change your mind about us, or get the juices flowing so you can afford to invest in your brand. Just give us a call for more details. If you are as willing to succeed and progress as we are then there is a way to make it happen.

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