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We make sure your website is ranking for local buyer intent keywords relevant to your business.

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Google often provides a map pack pertaining to local searches with 3 spots. We make sure you're in the top 3.

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Data Driven Roofing SEO

Over 90% of your customers are searching for products and services online. Around 93% of internet searches start with a search engine. Over 60% of Americans research a product or service before purchasing.

An optimized website and GMB (Google My Business) will have your listing ranking on search engines for buyer intent keywords driving the ideal customer to your company website. You can have the best looking website, but without keywords and SEO it might as well be a billboard on the wrong side of the moon. A well optimized site is like a billboard on the busy freeway in your service area. Make sure your customers can find your website organically online. 

Quick Click Page Guide

Why You Should Optimize Your Website & GMB

Google alone processes over 3.5 billion searches per day. That is an average of 40k searches per second. Without an optimized website or GMB you are missing this potential.

Many numbers sound too good to be true when it comes to how many leads, or the low acquisition rate of each. Your expectations of SEO going in should not be immediate results, but the “snowball” effect once it starts moving. Think of it as the referrals from family, friends, and customers within your online community that will start compounding.

  • SEO Will Increase Your Website Traffic with Ready to Buy Customers.
  • Establish Authority Within Your Industry and Community.
  • Done Right Will Be a Cheap and Reliable Source of Leads.

Understanding Search Engines

The keywords vary between location AND industries. “Roofing (location)” may be the best keyword in southern states, while “roofing company (location)” is the main keyword in northern cities. Knowing how to do your research is more important than knowing the specific industry. So if you are a service industry provider that has your customers best interest, licensed, and insured then we’d love to see if this is a right fit for you.

Important Roofing Keywords:

“Roofing (location)”

“Roofing Company (location)”

“Roof Repair (location)”

Own Your Website

1. The SEO for Roofers Mindset

The Roofing Mindset for Search Engine Marketing

When it comes to the contractor SEO mindset you have to be in for the long haul. How long until you see results depends on where you are at in the marketing process, your local search market (competition & volume), and over 400 ranking factors. We are only going to dive into the main ranking factors, but first you need to understand this is not a quick and easy process. Nothing about it is too complicated, but there are a lot of steps and checkboxes that go into having a well tuned SEO machine.

Low competition and high search volume buyer intent keywords can see results around 3 months. While high competition & low search volumes can see years if ever for results. Understanding the competition and who you are up against is the first step. We often come across keywords along the way as we build the list. The due diligence at the beginning is researching competitor online presence, relevant buyer intent keywords, and determining the best course of action for best results. By the end of this page you will have a start with free tools you can use.


2. Platforms for Roofer SEO (Beginners Only)

GMB (Google My Business) Map Pack Listing

How Many Times Do You Find Something on Google Maps?

A GMB is the elephant in the room when it comes to local services providers. How many times do you find yourself in Google map packs when you search for a place to eat, products, or services in your local area? If you’re a brick & mortar or service a specific area you should at least have a GMB (Google My Business) account with your company information. 

Google has recently rolled out “Google Guarantee” which is saying Google is more or less vetting your company. A sure way to fast track your map listing results on search engines is to check the boxes needed for the new guarantee.

Company Website

Your website can do many things, but the most important is generating sales if you are a local service provider. When you rank for buyer intent keywords you guide ideal clients to your website. Overtime we have developed a holistic SEO strategy and process that we will continue to improve. 

Is SEO complicated? No, it is not, but it is massive. Google has so many checkboxes they want to see on your website to rank it can be overwhelming. Before we talk about how to rank your website on search engines let’s go over the ranking factors and processes.

3. Getting Started with SEO for Roofing Companies

Free SEO Tools

The best way to start, and double check other paid SEO tools is to clear your browser history, open an incognito window, and search buyer intent keywords. Google will often give you suggestions (other keywords), and you can see competitors title and descriptions for more keywords on the search results page.

Google trends is the closest thing you can get to a paid SEO service without paying. There are many affordable options, but just get in there and start typing keywords.

If you have a website then you should have it connected to "Google Search Console". There are options there that let you track certain keywords along with keyword suggestions. 

Add SEO Quake to onto your Chrome browser extensions. When researching SEO it is best to use the most popular browser and search engine in North America. Quake gives you number of pages, backlinks, and more info on a competitors domain.

I am waiting for the day they will make you pay, but last I checked you have 3 free inquiries a day. So find local competitor GMB (Map Listing) and enter their company name, phone number, and address to see the presence of their local citation profile. Basically bots that crawl the web looking for that name, number, and address and report back to you. Learn their local online presence and where to start building your own.

Market & Competitor Research

Paid SEO Tools: Ahrefs & Majestic: (Ahrefs Is All You Would Watn Unless You Get Into Online Marketing)

Now we have given some insight into a couple of free tools. Here are two paid tools we use for all competition research.

Ahrefs will tell you how much traffic per month (data driven estimate) a domain has, where the traffic is coming from (acquisition), organic keywords they are ranking for, and overview of the backlink profile. Very insightful info to build on.

Majestic we use almost entirely for backlinking profile, online presence, and building authority. Our favorite link building strategy tool among many.

Keyword Research

Start with a list to write your buyer intent keywords. If you CLEAR your BROWSER and search on Google in your INCOGNITO window. Simple search the best keywords by starting with "(service/niche) location" like "roofing Dallas" or "HVAC repair Denver". Write down Google suggestions & keywords in top ranking competitor websites.

If you sign up for monthly subscription to Ahrefs that is all you need for keyword research and competitor insights as a local contactor.

4. Main Ranking Factors for Search Engines

Top 10 Roofing SEO Ranking Factors

Taking inspiration and copying are two different things. Everything from your written content, photos, video, and graphics all play into the message to captivate your audience. Compelling content is the best practice.

Having your domain SSL securities (https://www.) will ensure Google and your viewers that your website is safe and secure. Submitting an XML sitemap to Google helps search engines and users navigate the part of your website you want them to see. Always nudge Google and submit an XML site map of your website.

Nobody likes waiting forever for a website to load. More internet users are searching on mobile with sketchy service at times. If you have compelling content, secure website, and fast page speeds with the right keywords you will start ranking your website on Google.

As mentioned, everything is going mobile when possible. Mobile is the way. Having your website optimized for mobile with fast load times, the right font sizes, photo’s fitting, & click to call buttons then you should be fine. Just know over 50% of your organic website traffic will be mobile, and Google takes mobile into consideration.

The main concept of optimizing your content is a large enough photo size for crisp a clean finish, but not so large that your website loads 2MB of data for one photo. If you want to upload video onto YouTube or similar video platform and link your website saves your servers from heavy burden.

Technical SEO we consider naming content files, alt text, page titles, and meta descriptions with buyer intent keywords throughout your website. Hiding pages like “privacy policy” and “terms of service” from the search engines. Yes you want them on there because it is the law, but no you don’t need it ranking on search engines.

Nobody likes a frustrating website that you get lost in, or can’t find what you are looking for. For goodness sake put your phone number at the top of every page minimum. Easy navigation, accessibility to other pages, and user engagement we combine into user experience.

If you are not paying for an SEO software tool like Ahrefs, Majestic, SEMrush, etc… it will be difficult to succeed in this step. The number one thing to remember is not all links are created equal. There are links that help with your website authority and links that help with increasing website traffic.

Yes the likes, shares, and comments are your BUSINESS profiles and pages will slightly boost your ranking on Google.

Double and triple check your business address, phone, email, and any information during setup processes of any profiles. Everything works together, Google crawls the web, and the more times they come back with your company name, number, and email the more they will vouch for your listings.

DiCiO Media- Your Local SEO Marketing Company

5. The SEO Process for Local Roofing

Setting Your Organic Marketing Goals

Setting realistic goals based on your local market and budget is the first step in the process. After doing the due diligence and looking into the search volume and competition it is easer to develop realistic expectations, and how long it will take. The ultimate position is always number one, but there are several other milestones along the way.

Tracking your progress is essential to marketing. Otherwise how do you know where your dollar is best spent? Google Analytics makes it easy to track your website performance. Once you know something is working on a page you then optimize the rest of the page for better conversions.

Your Domain & Securities

Back in the day we would say register a domain name with relevant keywords like "roofing" or "remodel". In 2021 and going forward there is little need for this practice. The best is easy to remember, short, original, without numbers or special characters.

Make sure you purchase the correct TLD for where you are located. In use we prioritize (.com, .org, and .net) in that order. 

SSL securities need to be through your domain hosting which can be in the same place as you domain registration. Some plans SSL is included and others it is not. Make sure you purchase SSL securities, it's worth it.

Setting Your GMB for Success

We talked about Your GMB being the elephant in the room. If you do not already have one please do so. It is free, and when they ask if you want a free website... why not. Just another asset online pointing towards your business.

You can always add your URL or new website when finished, but this is worth getting started and setup. With or without a website. 

When setting up you always want to outdo your competition. If your competitor has 10 photos then put 20. If they have 100 word description then give a 200 or more with informative, descriptive, and compelling content.

Content is Where the Leg Work Is

Original & Creative

This is where you use your experience and knowledge as leverage. Yes it is wise to gather the most inspiration as possible, but no sense in being a parrot of someone else. Google is cracking down on copied and duplicated content.

Informative & Helpful

This is where you use your experience and knowledge as leverage. Yes it is wise to gather the most inspiration as possible, but no sense in being a parrot of someone else. Google is cracking down on copied and duplicated content.

Comprehensive & Accurate

The whole reason Google and other search engines are here is to help their user answer a question, find services, or order products. Answer questions accurately and better than your competition is the name of the game in 2021.

Technical Optimizations

We combine proper placement of keywords, smallest file size, and user experience. The content as it works with your website, both coded and SEO conversions. Optimizing you content is never really finished work, but a work in progress for perfection.

Site Titles, Tags, & Descriptions

Your title and descriptions are your call tags.

Use Top Keywords in Titles

65 Suggested Character Limit on Titles

160 Suggest Character Limit on Description

Google takes keywords in titles as ranking factor, however does not for the description. Important keywords in titles and informative description.

Backlinking Profiles

Backlinks are like referrals on the internet. It is another person or business referring to your domain. Backlinks are not all equal. There are good links and bad links. Links that are good, but not relevant to your business. The main concept for success is powerful and authoritative backlinks that are relevant to your website. Your website presence and power is ultimately driven from organic traffic and backlink authority. 

Tracking Your SEO & Going Live

You need to hook your website with Google analytics to better understand your progress and track where your resources should go. Have a tracking system and sales process ready before going live.

Once you go live you need to give it at least 30 days before really looking into Google analytics much. We call it the "sandbox", but let Google and users check your new site before worrying.

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