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If you get anything out of reading this then our hope is that You Invest In Your Brand. Find out if Google ads is the right move for your marketing.

Why Google Ads work in 2021

Search Engines

Yes 93% of internet searches start with search engines. People are actively searching for your products and services there. 2020 increased the way many find products and services especially on a local level. Getting in front of the right audience has never been easier, but without researching, planning, understanding, and strategy there’s a likelihood you will swear off online advertising.

93% of internet searches start on a search engine

Ad Words

Let’s get real. Search engines are companies that run on profits. You bet your dollar that they will find new way to have people clicking on ads over organic results. Google Verified is one of them, and Youtube can run video ads. All run by Google. The best way to be in front of customers actively searching is by bidding on buyer intent keywords on Google.

Number of Facebook User in US
$147 Billion in Revenue for Google 2020
80% from Ads
Estimate $378 Billion Digital Ad Spending
29% Google
29% Google Market Share

Your Ideal Clients

Internet searchers are actively looking for your products and services on SEARCH engines. Google is the leader N. America market share by a long shot and processes on average 64k searches per second. With more and more competition entering the market the ability to find high volume and relevant keywords with zero competition increases in difficulty, but they can be found when after the research. See everybody bidding on keywords for $50 a click, and go after relative keywords for $5 a click.

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Paid Advertising Campaigns

Google Ads

Setting up a Contractor Google Ad Campaign for success starts with the keyword research, geographic fencing, and where the traffic will be sent to. The home page can work for many cases, but you often see the best conversions when you send traffic to address a specific need, request, or keyword group. Just like with SEO, Google ads on search engines result in the best quality leads, people actively searching for your services.

Google Ads Expectations

Google ads can generate leads within the first 24 hours of running and will produce better quality leads than facebook, but usually (not always) at a higher ad cost per click than Facebook. With A and B split testing strategy we recommend 1k clicks before significant ad change unless issue detected.

Google Ads Campaign Actions

-Determine Ad Budget
-Keyword & Market Research
-Setup Landing Page (If not Home)
-Connect Google Analytics to Google Ads Manager
-Setup Ad Campaign (A and B split test= 1 campaign)
-Write Ad with Keywords
-Run A & B Split Campaign Test for 1k Clicks
-Analyze and Optimize from Data and Run Again
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Guide Actively Searching Customers to Your Website

If you are looking for high quality leads and quick results then nothing there is nothing better than Google Ads to jump start your online sales.

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