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A website without SEO is like a billboard on the wrong side of the moon.

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How Search Engines Can Help Local Contractors

Search Engines

We have the tools to see what customers are searching on Google and how often they are searching. Along with what buyer intent keywords your competitors are ranking for and how much traffic there website is getting. Basically we can back engineer any competitors that are currently invest in SEO.

93% of internet searches start on a search engine

Your Ideal Clients

Your ideal clients that are actively looking to buy are on search engines. SEO is the development to rank for the right keywords that guide clients to your website and Google My Business (GMB). So a question we would ask you is, who is your ideal customer? Residential, Commercial, Property Managers, Insurance Claims, etc..

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The keywords for local contractors

Local Markets Vary
SEO for roofers

Roofing Keywords

Here are some examples of buyer intent keywords. So if I’m in Dallas and looking for a roof repair services then I may search “roof repair Dallas.”

"roofing (location)"
"roofing company (location)"
"commercial roofing (location)"
"metal roofing (location)"
"roof repair (location)"

HVAC Keywords

If I were looking for repair HVAC repair services in Dallas I may search “hvac repair dallas”.

"hvac (location)"
"hvac repair (location)"
"ac repair (location)"
"air duct cleaning (location)"

Plumbing and Electrician

There is usually not al lot of search volume for services like panel upgrade or toilet repair. It is often “plumber (location)” and same for electrician.

"plumber (location)"
"electrician (location)"
"(location) Plumber"
"Plumbing Company (location)"

No Website Yet? No Problem

A website is a digital business card, company tool, and sales excellerator. The foundation of your online marketing assets and where you develop SEO.

You Need A Website to Start SEO

Contractor SEO Expectations & Actions

Contractor SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is ranking for “buyer intent keywords”. An example is if I were a roofing company in Dallas, Texas, then I would want my company assets found for search queries such as “roofing Dallas” or “roofing company Dallas Tx”. If a client is actively searching these words then that implies buyer intent. They are looking for the services you provide on search engines.

SEO Expectations

Rank Your Google My Business and Website to increase organic website traffic and develop internet influence by guiding customers to online company. Time for results depends are the market and competitors. SEO should be approached as an investment, and with a quick consolation can determine how many searches happen for relevant buyer intent keywords per month, and how invested your competitors are into SEO to out rank them.

SEO Actions

-Keyword and Market Research
-Development Strategy and Realistic Goals
-Onsite SEO (title, descriptions, alt text, keywords)
-Backlinking Profile Development
-Local Citations
-Website Speed, Performance, and Conversions Optimization
-Monthly Ranking and Progress Reports
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SEO Services with ZERO Cancelation Fees

Since SEO encompasses so many aspects working together we operate as a partnership. No conflict of interest during services, and a divorce has no hidden fees or cancelations. Just cooperation to facilitate all transfer requirements. 

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Jon Robinson Roofing Company Owner

We decided to use Dicio with our website and SEO. Keaton and their team are a joy to work with, and have been bringing in leads every month. I look forward to a continued partnership.

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Donald Storm Roofing & Restoration Company Owner

I've recently started the website and SEO process with Dicio. I went with them because they answered all my questions in a way I understood. Great communications and punctual.

Robert Garcia HVAC Company Owner

I talked to alot of other companies before talking to Keaton. He showed be a strategy that made sense and now hiring an operator for the leads. They do what they say they will do.

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