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Where To Look For Your Ideal Client Online

Search Engines

93% of internet searches start with a search engine. Google alone process over 64k searches per second. This is where customers are actively looking for products and services. There are 3 main ways to be found on search engines. Search engine optimization (SEO), Google Ads, and Google My Business (Google Map Listing). Having your company assets listed on the front page of search engines will increase leads, expand online influence, and results in more closed business and projects.

93% of internet searches start on a search engine

Social Media

There are over 302 million Facebook users in the US. Customers are not actively searching for products or services on social media, but react well with the right creatives and helpful information. Keeping an active business page and Facebook ads can increase your audience and connect to your online community. Build a relationship with your ideal clients on social media organically or paying for ads.

Number of Facebook User in US
US 2020 FB users
297 Million
US 2021 FB users
302 Million
2021 US Population 331 Million

Your Ideal Clients

Chances are your ideal clients are online and the best way to find them is search engines and social media. Developing a customer profile is vital to determining the best marketing options on how to find them, where they are looking, what questions they have, and how to connect. Find potential customers and guide them to happy paying customers.

digital marketing agency

Web Design Contractor

A website is a digital business card, company tool, and sales excellerator. The foundation of your online marketing assets.

Start Building Your Online Brand with Dicio

Company Message

There is no better way to make the best first impression than a website before you ever meet them. Tell everyone who you are, how you can help, and what makes you different.

Website Functions

Collect customer information, integrate into CRM, set appointments, and inventory tracker are some of the things your website can do. Increase your efficiency while decreasing cost.

Generate Results

The ultimate goal is to own a website that is easily found by your customer and converts. The main conversion metric that matters is how many interested customers contact you.

Online Marketing Foundations and Branding

Where are you in the online marketing process?

We keep up with the latest “trends” that come around, but that is all they are is “trends” that come and go. We take the proven way with data driven strategies for local contractors marketing to homeowners, business owners, property managers, real estate agents, and property investors. Here are the basic concepts we use for success.

Branding: Contractor Logo Design

Graphic Design, Copywriting, Messaging, and Positioning

Online Assets: Contractor Website Design

Website, Google My Business, Social Media Pages

Your website is the center piece, most efficient tool, and the platform that brings all the others together.

When you build a website with helpful content, and posture in a position of authority in your area of expertise, then customers will be compelled to contact you in their time of need. Be the contractor they call. 

Company ranking website

The map pack on Google is a huge source of leads for any local services provider. How often do you use the Google map pack on your phone to find what you are looking for?

Google My Business listing works with the website so your customers can find you on a local level.

Ranking on Google Maps

Social signals are the most important signals at the beginning of an SEO strategy. Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and others are great source to teach others in your online community what you do and why you do it.

Introduce yourself to your neighbors that need your help and show them your website.

Small Business SEO

The Tortoise and the Hare: Investment Types

Paid Ads
Organic Results

-Organic is a process that builds the foundation of your online real estate and internet address. It won’t get you results tomorrow, but is an investment for a stable future. Organic investment examples are SEO and Social Media Manager, and will turn into the lowest lead acquisition cost when it starts snowballing. 

-There are many online paid ad types available, but we focus on Google and Facebook for different reasons. With a well put together website you can guide traffic to your company assets home page, landing page, or relative backpage which results in higher conversions. 

Organic Contractor Marketing Development

Contractor SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is ranking for “buyer intent keywords”. An example is if I were a roofing company in Dallas, Texas, then I would want my company assets found for search queries such as “roofing Dallas” or “roofing company Dallas Tx”. If a client is actively searching these words then that implies buyer intent. They are looking for the services you provide on search engines.

SEO Expectations

Rank Your Google My Business and Website to increase organic website traffic and develop internet influence by guiding customers to online company. Time for results depends are the market and competitors. SEO should be approached as an investment, and with a quick consolation can determine how many searches happen for relevant buyer intent keywords per month, and how invested your competitors are into SEO to out rank them.

SEO Actions

-Keyword and Market Research
-Development Strategy and Realistic Goals
-Onsite SEO (title, descriptions, alt text, keywords)
-Backlinking Profile Development
-Local Citations
-Website Speed, Performance, and Conversions Optimization
-Monthly Ranking and Progress Reports
SEO (search engine optimization) minimal flat logo with magnifying glass, arrow and cursor symbol. multi color design.

SEO Services with ZERO Cancelation Fees

Since SEO encompasses so many aspects working together we operate as a partnership. No conflict of interest during services, and a divorce has no hidden fees or cancelations. Just cooperation to facilitate all transfer requirements. 

Contractor Social Media Manager

Social media is the fastest way to connect to your online local community. Having an active account, with creative and helpful post builds a relationship and expands brand awareness. The minimum is two post per week of engaging and relative post.  We start with Facebook and Instagram, but expand into YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and more.

Organic Social Media Expectations

This along with SEO will take more time than paying for ads, but results end up being at a lower cost. Every local online community response differently than others. We have a good idea of where to start with any contractor facebook organic activity.

Social Media Management Action

-Weekly Posts on Facebook and Instagram Pages
-Weekly Posts on local Facebook groups for organic leads
-Monthly Updates and Reports

Paid Advertising Campaigns

Google Ads

Setting up a Contractor Google Ad Campaign for success starts with the keyword research, geographic fencing, and where the traffic will be sent to. The home page can work for many cases, but you often see the best conversions when you send traffic to address a specific need, request, or keyword group. Just like with SEO, Google ads on search engines result in the best quality leads, people actively searching for your services.

Google Ads Expectations

Google ads can generate leads within the first 24 hours of running and will produce better quality leads than facebook, but usually (not always) at a higher ad cost per click than Facebook. With A and B split testing strategy we recommend 1k clicks before significant ad change unless issue detected.

Google Ads Campaign Actions

-Determine Ad Budget
-Keyword & Market Research
-Setup Landing Page (If not Home)
-Connect Google Analytics to Google Ads Manager
-Setup Ad Campaign (A and B split test= 1 campaign)
-Write Ad with Keywords
-Run A & B Split Campaign Test for 1k Clicks
-Analyze and Optimize from Data and Run Again
Copy of Copy of Untitled (1)

Guide Actively Searching Customers to Your Website

If you are looking for high quality leads and quick results then nothing there is nothing better than Google Ads to jump start your online sales.

Facebook Ads

Facebook and Instagram are a great place to build rapport and develop a relationship with any online community. Many users are not actively searching for your services here, but when the need arises your company will remain relative to potential customers using social media in your area.

Facebook Ads Expectations

The primary focus in social media is to expand brand awareness and increase customer engagement. A result of this focus is customer acquisition. Leads from Facebook are often of lower quality (people don't actively search for services on Facebook) so with that in mind the best strategies for contractor Facebook ads is often to be helpful and provide good accurate information in your area of expertise. It can be a timing thing too, as a roofer a Facebook Ads campaign after a hail storm can pay huge especially if you have a landing page for hail damage. For HVAC when it starts heating up in the south an ad campaign can jump start your season, or promote customers to signing up on maintenance programs. There are plenty of avenues to optimize results.

Facebook Ad Campaign Actions

-Create, Add, and Share Content Folder
-List ideas for ad campaigns specific to needs
-Define ideal customer audience
-Draft Facebook ad plan and budget
-Write ad and design Creative
-Test CRM Sales Funnel
-Run ad campaign for 14 days before adjustments
Connect to Your Online Community
See What Some Of Our Clients Are Saying...
local SEO
Jon Robinson Roofing Company Owner

We decided to use Dicio with our website and SEO. Keaton and their team are a joy to work with, and have been bringing in leads every month. I look forward to a continued partnership.

roofing web design
Donald Storm Roofing & Restoration Company Owner

I've recently started the website and SEO process with Dicio. I went with them because they answered all my questions in a way I understood. Great communications and punctual.

Robert Garcia HVAC Company Owner

I talked to alot of other companies before talking to Keaton. He showed be a strategy that made sense and now hiring an operator for the leads. They do what they say they will do.

    How We Help Contractors: Dicio Services

    Marketing Foundations & Branding
    Answer the questions that help define your brand.
    Custom Logo Design in 3-4 days, customer satisfaction or money back.
    Custom WordPress Website
    Develop website for company needs. Usually 1- no more than 2 months for completion.
    Let's Optimize Your Existing Website for SEO
    Organic Marketing
    Rank for buyer intent keywords which results in lowest acquisition cost per lead.
    Connect to local community through Facebook and Instagram by weekly eganging post.
    Paid Ads
    For best quality leads with quick results. People are actively looking on search engines for services.
    Low ad cost and increased leads. Start filling up your CRM quickly with Facebook ad campaigns.

    Building Contactor Brands Online Start with a FREE Consultation and Strategy

    There are so many factors and every business needs are different. We want every business owner to know all their options, whether you partner with Dicio Media or not. A quick phone call can generate a strategy for your company and you decide if it is right for you. 

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