Company Branding Guide

We can help you get started, but this has to come from you, and the values you want your company to have. 

Designed by: Ahmad Raza
Let's Get Right To the Point

Company Branding Workflow

Branding and Positioning on key to conversions and overall sales. This is about developing a recognizable brand and posturing your company in a position of authority in your industry with accurate and helpful information.

Brand Messaging Checklist

Write a future obituary for brand.

1. Who are We?

Where does our passion lie?
Where do we have the most experience?
Where do we have the most credibility?
Decide what the purpose is beyond selling a product or service. State in 1 sentence.

2. What do we do?

What business are we in?
Paint a vivid picture of the future. Where do you want to be...

3. What's our vision?

How can we make this vision palpable and exciting?
What do we want to accomplish in 1 year, 3 years, 10 years and beyond.
Make a list of what your local competitors are doing.

4. What wave are we riding?

Can any trends be used for success?
What trend is currently helping your business?
Design a strategy to become number one in your market
Determine where your brand ranks in the eyes of customers.

5. Who shares the market space?

Who comes first, second, and third in customers minds?
Who else competes in the category you serve?
Write down a simple one liner describing why customers should choose you.
Write detailed list of why you.

6. What makes you the "only"?

What is the one thing that makes your brand better, different, and compelling?
Decide which to discard, keep, and add.
List all current and planning special, offerings, and events.

7. What should be added and subtracted?

What new brand elements can strengthen online influence?
What existing brand elements are undermining online influence?
Diagram your brand ecosystem.

8. Who loves us?

How can we manage "gives" and "gets" so everyone is happy?
Who makes up your brand audience?
What elements are restricting online influence?
Let the customer know you are not "that guy" in no uncertain terms.

9. Who's the competitor we don't want to be?

What are common industry bad practices others partace in?
What are red flags for your customers to watch out for?
Find out if URL is available, and if other similar businesses are operating under that name. (especially in same state)
Choose a name that is original, short, relative, and easy to remember.

10. What do they call us?

Is your brand name easy to remember?
Is the name helping or hurting the brand?
Turn your trueline into a tagline to use with customers.
Craft a trueline that tells why your brand is compelling.

11. How do we explain ourselves?

What's the one true statement you can make about the brand?
Only compete at touch points you can win.
Make sure your messaging is as original as brand.

12. How do we spread the word?

How can we align all communications with our online influence?
What message will best build loyal brand advocates?
Discover touch points that are unopposed.
Map your value proposition against competitions.

13. How do people engage with us?

What are you selling and how are you selling it?
What touch points are others succeeding in, and which ones are not being invested in?
Determine where you should put marketing resources.
Map the customers journey from unaware to full enrollment

14. What do they experience?

How can we "enroll them in the brand"?
How will customers learn about you?
Give loyal customers the tools to introduce you to new customers.
Remain loyal to customers.

15. How do we earn their loyalty?

How can we help customers build barriers to competition?
Add extensions and new avenues that explain the meaning of your brand and message.

16. How do we extend our success?

How do you keep growing the brand year after year?
Detemine social media monitoring process.
List all the places the brand can show up online.

17. How do we monitor reputation?

How do you monitor the social media where the brand community the brand is built?
List potential social partnerships.

18. Who should we form social partnerships with?

How can we leverage other established online brands?

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